Archiving Software for Small Money

Long-term, secure storage of all documents, files, emails and written documents with software products from ecoDMS.

Aachen, April 2019. ecoDMS software for digitalising and archiving all documents, files, emails and written documents has been deemed the number one of archiving system for many years. The document archive ecoDMS and the email archive ecoMAILZ are available from the Aachen-based software company at a very low price.

Fair license fees from a one-time 89 Euro payment for ecoDMS per simultaneous connection and 49 Euro for ecoMAILZ per user make ecoDMS GmbH the manufacturer with the lowest priced software archives. Private users can use the limited Free4Three edition of ecoDMS Archive for free. Both products are available for download at and can be tested as a trial version which can be licensed with a few mouse clicks at a later point in time. The manufacturer”s website features comprehensive product information for customers, including manuals, videos and much more.

The ecoDMS and ecoMAILZ archiving systems both run at the customer”s site. This means that all files are stored safely at the customer in a container-driven database and not on third-party servers. By using state-of-the-art programming methods, both systems can be installed on all platforms. Users can access ecoDMS Archive through a desktop client on the computer and through a web client in a browser from any device, such as smart phones or tablets. ecoMAILZ is accessed through a web client from the PC, smart phone or tablet.

Archiving with ecoDMS and ecoMAILZ has virtually no limits. The archiving systems can be customised to match the individual structures and requirements of customers. The high scalability of the software allows its application for all industries and users. This allows the systems to be operated as a local single-seat solution or a network solution with any number of users.

The installation and operation of the archiving systems is user friendly and simple. Both products can be used simultaneously. The technical implementation of the components ideally unifies ecoDMS and ecoMAILZ.

Scanning, archiving, managing and retrieving the archived data is simple. ecoMAILZ retrieves the emails from the email server on arrival and archives them automatically. ecoDMS is similarly easy to handle. The documents are simply moved to the archive and classified accordingly. When archiving and assigning documents, users have excellent support from the integrated template designer. The template designer recognises documents and automatically executes all further archiving and classification steps.

The full-text search helps retrieve all archived data within seconds. Full-text indexing automatically takes place in the background without requiring further action by the user. Apart from the full-text search, both systems have further helpful search functions. This ensures that no document is lost.

The full versions of both ecoDMS and ecoMAILZ offer various interfaces with third-party systems. ecoDMS contains plugins for MS Office, OpenOffice, LibreOffice, MS Outlook and Thunderbird and has a PDF/A printer.
ecoMAILZ includes add-ons for Thunderbird and MS Outlook. All components are included in the license fee and are incorporated in the archiving solution.

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