DFE convinces with award-winning innovative strength

D?sseldorf, January 2021

DFE Chemie GmbH from D?sseldorf has been awarded the TOP 100 seal 2021 and is thus one of the TOP 100 innovators of the German SME sector.

The Managing Director of DFE, Oliver Paessens, expresses his delight about the award: “Innovation is an integral part of our corporate culture and explicitly anchored in our corporate mission. It is all the more gratifying that our innovation management has been awarded the well-known TOP 100 innovation prize.”

The Competition

The seal has been awarded to particularly innovative medium-sized companies for 28 years. All stages of the applicants’ innovation process are examined in terms of innovative strength and innovation success. Not only the innovative output of the company is examined, but also whether innovations are the result of a planned approach and whether innovation achievements are thus repeatable.

The organiser of the competition is compamedia. The scientific selection process is carried out by the scientific director, Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Franke and his staff at the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the Vienna University of Economics and Business. Professor Franke is one of the world’s leading innovation researchers with 25 research awards and over 200 publications.

All participants are evaluated according to 120 test criteria in five categories: Innovation Success, Innovation Climate, Innovative Processes and Organisation, External Orientation/Open Innovation and Top Management Promoting Innovation.

TOP 100’s project partners are the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft and the German Association of Medium-Sized Businesses (BVMW). In addition, the innovation competition is accompanied by the business magazines manager magazin and impulse as media partners. The mentor for the last ten years has been the science journalist and bestselling author Ranga Yogeshwar.

The DFE Company

DFE Chemie GmbH is a company from the special chemicals sector and supplies in particular corrosion inhibitors to industrial customers. The FEPORID? brand inhibitors are used, for example, in the pickling of steel sheets to protect the base material against acid attack. This protection leads to a better surface quality and a reduction in costs. This is because in the pickling process with FEPORID? inhibitors there is a saving of acid and a higher material yield.

“Ultimately, the use of our inhibitors also leads to reduced CO2 emissions for our customers. In order to further increase this effect, we will gladly continue to innovate in the future!” says Paessens.

DFE will certainly have the opportunity to do so. Because in September, the company will be presented with an individual “innovation balance sheet” from TOP 100. This is a detailed evaluation of the company’s innovation management. It will contain recommendations on where the innovation processes at DFE can still be optimised.

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