EGo3 Hot Tub Filter Shop – We are excellent!

Excellent Shop Award for 5 years of Ego3 Spa Filter Shop!

We are very pleased that our European EGO3 hot tub filter shop has received the Excellent Shop Award for five years with Trusted Shops, following successful certification from The award certifies the shop’s outstanding service and genuine security, which results in an above-average shopping experience for customers.

EGO3 hot tub filter: A remarkable success story

The EGO3 hot tub filter was developed to bring the best possible product to the market. This claim has been proven several times, which shows that our hot tub filters have been sold in tens of thousands of cases to the complete satisfaction of customers. With an installation compatibility of 95% of all spa brands, the filter stands out by saving time and money. The EGo3 hot tub filters are not only the best hot tub filters, but also the most valuable ones.

Confirmation of safety and reliable services

The certification of on January 21, 2019 represents an important milestone. The Trusted Shops award is further proof of the quality that the shop delivers. It reinforces customers’ sense of security when shopping and demonstrates high standards of customer service.

filter fiberballs for perfect whirlpool water

The range includes the efficient filter balls from EGO3, which are known to ensure perfect spa water. They are easy to use, durable and deliver flawless results. All of these factors have contributed to the EGO3 hot tub filter gaining popularity over the years.

Presentation of the Excellent Shop Award

Due to the high standards and continuous effort to offer customers the best, the shop has received the Excellent Shop Award from Trusted Shops. This award is a testament to the hard work and dedication that has gone into the shop over the past five years.

EGO3 has always aimed to provide high quality products and services, which is the key to their success. With this award, the online shop is now officially recognized as a place where customers can feel safe and well served and get the best spa filter.

Ego3 hot tub filters USA and Canada

Our new USA shop will also offer the same service and satisfaction level. Since February 2024, our award-winning and globally patented products have also been available for sale in the USA and Canada.

We have received the Excellent Shop Award for 5 years.

This award is only given to shops like the Ego3 hot tub filter shop that have been certified for 5 years and adhere to the strict quality criteria of Trusted Shops – and thus offer an excellent customer experience!
This makes us very proud and is a strong motivation to continue to give everything for a perfect shopping experience and for the most important thing we have: satisfied customers!

A big thank you to our customers and also big praise to our team for this strong performance!

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