Explore Historical Eagles Nest on a Munich Day Trip

Travel back in time with a private day trip from Munich to the Kehlsteinhaus, also known as the Eagle’s Nest. Participants will enjoy an immersive World War II history tour, including a visit to Berchtesgaden, panoramic views of the Alps, and a traditional Bavarian lunch.

A Day Trip Through History:
Guests embark on a truly historical World War II tour starting from Munich. The adventure begins with a hotel transfer, ensuring convenience and comfort. The tour vehicle options include a comfortable SUV, Minivan, or Sportscar, offering a relaxed and enjoyable ride while chatting and getting to know each other. The guide shares interesting tidbits about Munich en route to the mountain retreat of Obersalzberg.

Exploring the Eagle’s Nest:
Upon arrival at Obersalzberg, guests ascend to the Kehlsteinhaus, Adolf Hitler’s notorious tea house. The journey to the top includes an ornate elevator from World War II, adding to the historical authenticity of the experience. Once at the summit, participants have an opportunity to explore the unique architecture and historical artifacts of the Eagle’s Nest, while also appreciating the breathtaking views of the surrounding Alps.

Capture Memorable Moments:
Throughout the tour, the guide assists guests in capturing memorable moments, whether it”s the striking vistas or the historical items within the Eagle’s Nest. Although not a professional photographer, the guide strives to take quality snapshots suitable for social media. This ensures that the participants have a visual record of this exceptional day trip.

A Taste of Bavaria:
The tour includes a delicious Bavarian lunch, offering participants a taste of local cuisine. This meal is served with a fantastic view of the world-famous Alps, providing a perfect backdrop to reflect on the day”s experiences. The tour can also be customized to fit special interests or desires, making it a highly flexible option for those with unique requests.

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