Optical gauge measurement accurate to the micrometre

New laser gauge allows highly dynamic thickness control even when rolling foils.

Vollmer is presenting the VTLG 101/1 laser-optical thickness gauge for the first time at the METEC. It has been specially designed and developed for the cold-rolling of foils with a thickness between 0.003 and 2.0 mm, and is the only gauge of its type available on the market that can be installed in the immediate vicinity of the roll gap even when rolling foils.

While the systems from the VTLG Series to date were employed for strip with a thickness between 0.015 and 12 mm – depending on the measuring range – Vollmer has developed the new system for the rolling of foils. With a resolution of 0.05 µm, it achieves an absolute measurement precision of +/- 0.5 µm even when installed in the mill.

The VTLG thickness measurement systems are so compact and robust that they can be installed in the mill in the immediate vicinity of the roll gap. They operate with an internal scanning rate of up to 80 kHz and are thus the only optical strip thickness gauges for use in the mill suitable for highly dynamic thickness control during rolling.

As with the other members of the VTLG family, the VTLG 101/1 is also suitable for the rolling of flat products of steel and non-ferrous metals with matt or glossy surfaces.

Elke Roller, Sales Manager at Vollmer, sees the new system as proof that Vollmer has taken the right step with the implementation of laser measurement technology: “Since its market launch in 2014, the VTLG has proved its performance and in particularly its suitability for use in cold strip rolling mills in dozens of complex applications worldwide. With the VTLG 101/1, we are now going a step further: With its thickness measuring range of 0.003 to 2,0 mm, the new VTLG is ideal for the rolling of foils.”

Air cleaning systems ensure reliable operation even under the rough environmental conditions in the mill: Both the entry and exit windows of the transmitting and receiving lenses and the beam path are constantly flushed with clean air so that vapours or mists from the mill do not affect the measurement.

Vollmer has developed the VTLG not only for measurement in the mill – it is equally suitable for use on the annealing line, in the finishing shop, on strip millers or in shear lines.

At the fair Vollmer will also be presenting the classic contact gauges with digital measuring sensors and VTS evaluation that have superseded the amplifiers of the VMF Series and offer a number of further advantages. Spindle motors are no longer required for adjustment of the sensors. Furthermore, a vacuum is no longer necessary in the sensor, thus significantly reducing service work.

Vollmer at the Metec 2019
(25 to 29 June 2019 in Düsseldorf):
Hall 04, Stand D 18

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