UNILED SL: Versatile LED Work Light with High Light Diffusion

Whether at system workstations or in machine and system construction, the UNILED SL LED light by LED2WORK features the latest generation of LED chips

The UNILED SL LED light is a system luminaire, available in four different lengths. Each version achieves an impressive efficiency of 155 lm/watt thanks to modern LED technology. To illustrate: the 21.46-inch long UNILED SL requires only about 24 watts to produce 3,798 lumens of lamp luminous flux. The illuminance measured at a distance of 40-inch was 966 lux with opal white glare control and even 1171 lux with the microprismatic cover.
This ETL certificated, maintenance-free LED light has a robust aluminum housing. The LED technology used boasts an impressive service life of 60,000 operating hours. The daylight white light and uniform illumination prevent cast shadows. Additionally, there are no dazzling light reflections on metallic surfaces, as the light intensity is distributed evenly in all directions. The UNILED SL is therefore ideal not only at system workstations but also in “dry” machines and systems without cooling lubricants and chip bombardment, and at test stations.
The UNILED SL LED light offers a professional and, above all, economical alternative to conventional system luminaires. At system workstations or in system areas with T-slot profiles, the LED light is mounted horizontally on the upper traverse or vertically on the side profile frames using the side mounting brackets. It is then connected directly to the 24V DC system voltage of the assembly line via an M12 plug connection and sensor cable. For standalone use, there is an on/off switch directly on the housing.
When it comes to glare control, you can now choose between the version with an opal white cover or with a microprism cover. The matte, opal white glare control ensures a softer, homogeneous, and low-shadow illumination, while the microprismatic cover further increases the illuminance. Both versions share one benefit: work areas are brightly illuminated in motivating daylight white.

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